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Southern Moonshine Photography was born out of the love of capturing a feeling that can’t be explained with words, but only a photograph can describe.  I am Cynthia B. Roberts, and I was an amateur photographer for 20 years, then decided it was time to pursue my passion.  

Am I the best?  Not yet.  Do I do my best?  Absolutely.  If you can afford a high end  photographer, then do hire someone that is worth the price…and there are many dues paying professional photographers who are worth their price!  But, I’m upfront that I am not yet at that level.  I’m building my portfolio which is reflected in my pricing.  I’ve taken formal photography classes & workshops and I use professional gear. 

I do this because I love doing it and I truly enjoy the people I meet and giving them something they will always remember!

Things To Know

Free mini photo session “test drive” for bridal clients to see if our styles match.  Subject to schedule availability and convenient location to me.